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Oracle came for recruitment in early August for the positions of Associate Software Engineer and Associate Application Developer. The cutoff was 7.0 CGPA, and all… Read More
Oracle came to my college campus (VNIT Nagpur) in July 2021 for full-time hiring for Server Technology Profile. The entire placement drive was online, with… Read More
Oracle came to our campus for Intern positions for the profile – Server Technology. Eligibility criteria: Above 7 CGPA.Branch: CSE Total number of rounds: 3 Round… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): It was an online MCQ test.   The test comprised of questions from DSA, DBMS, OS, logical reasoning, Flow chart analysis, etc. … Read More
Oracle came to our campus for Member of Technical Staff FTE positions for two profiles – Server Technology and Oracle Financial Services. Round 1(Online Test):… Read More
Oracle visited our campus in December for M. Tech and B. Tech students and it was all virtual because of Covid-19.  CGPA cut-off required: 7.0… Read More
Role: Software Development Engineer Eligible Criteria: Minimum 7 GPA Round 1(Aptitude+ Technical MCQ’s): This round was conducted on their online platform. It was MCQ’s based… Read More
Technical Round 1:   Difference b/w C++ and java. How Java bytecode is platform independent? Technical Round 2: My Personal Notes… Read More
Oracle on-campus/fresher interview experience Role: Application Engineer I had 4 rounds – Online Test 2 Technical Interview 1 Technical + HR round Online Test It… Read More
I got an interview invitation from Oracle HR on LinkedIn, Process took one day to complete all 4 rounds. All rounds were technical and each… Read More
 Given an array, arr[] consisting of N integers, the task for each array element arr[i] is to print the sum of |i – j| for… Read More
As an undergraduate, the first company which I interviewed for was Oracle during my college placements. I cleared up to the HR round and then… Read More
An ERP system are the software tools that are used to manage Enterprise Data. ERP System helps various organizations to deal with supply chain, receiving,… Read More
Round 1(Coder Pad & Zoom):  The interviewer had a look at my resume and asked about my current project and technology stack that I am… Read More

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