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In this article, we will discuss all the methods to list all tables in the oracle SQL Database. We have three types of a subset… Read More
DATE is a SQL-defined data type that is used to store dates in a column, different database management systems store dates in different formats. MySQL… Read More
Oracle came to my college in October 2021 for the role of Member of Technical Staff in their Server Technologies division. Round 1: Online Assessment… Read More
Oracle came to our campus for Member of Technical Staff FTE positions for Server Technology profile Round 1: Online Test The test was conducted on… Read More
Round 1: Online Test It had different sections such as quantitative, logical reasoning, English vocabulary & technical section consisting of basic questions from OOPS, DBMS,… Read More
In oracle there are different type of user accounts system, sys, hr and many more. This user accounts is by default created by oracle .If… Read More
OFSS came to our campus recently, like a week ago. The process can be categorised into 2 rounds i.e., Aptitude Round and Interviews. Round 1(Aptitude… Read More
Oracle came to my college in the last week of Aug. The rounds were as follows: Round 1(MCQ Based Questions): This round contained 92 questions.… Read More
Eligibility criteria: Above 7 GPA. Branch: IT, IT-BI, and ECE. Round 1: Online Aptitude Round Online Aptitude Round was conducted on their online platform. It… Read More
Oracle Netsuite visited our campus for the role of Software Engineer/Associate Software Engineer/QA Analyst. The entire process was virtual and consisted of 1 written test… Read More
Recently Oracle has visited our campus for hiring final year students for a full-time role. It was open for the Member of Technical Staff position.… Read More
Round 1: i < j < k, a[i] < a[k] < a[j] find if such sequence exists Stream of integers -> find the first… Read More
Oracle GBU came to hire an Associate Software Engineer/ Application Developer from our campus in August 2021 and the whole process was virtual. The whole… Read More
Select a secure password and implementing complex password policies are by far the most important defense for protecting against password-based security threats in any database.… Read More

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