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———- 1st round apti questions coding questions logical questions analytical questions ————————– 2nd round on paper coding everyone got diff question. these questions i collected from my friends 1. sort the array such… Read More
Pattern: 1. Online Test (70 appeared, 43 shortlisted) 2. Analytical reasoning, coding round (Written) (30 shortlisted) 3. Technical interview I (16 shortlisted) 4. Technical interview… Read More
I find GeeksforGeeks very helpful! It helped me prepare for my Oracle interview, thanks to the previous contributions by many. Oracle Campus Recruitment Process Pattern:… Read More
  Given a value V, if we want to make a change for V cents, and we have an infinite supply of each of C… Read More
ROUND 1: This was an online round.There were three sections : 1) Aptitude and logic 2) Data structures(mainly binary tree),OS,DBMS,OOPS. 3) Data analysis. ROUND 2:… Read More
Round-I: for 2 hours This was an online round. The entire two hours duration was split into three sections and each section had three sub… Read More
This is not just my interview. But just gathered some questions asked to other candidates also. Round 1 – 1) 25 Horses puzzle where you… Read More
I was interviewed recently and got through Oracle ST. I can’t remember many questions but I will try to tell as much as I can.… Read More
Hi all. I would like to share my experience about my recruitment process with ORACLE. Oracle procedure consists of. 1) Online aptitude Round 2) Coding… Read More
Online Round: An online written round was conducted on consisting of following sections: 1. General Aptitude – 15 questions 2. Logical Reasoning – 15… Read More
Given an array of integers, find the first repeating element in it. We need to find the element that occurs more than once and whose… Read More
Online written Round: Initially an online written round was conducted consisting of following sections: 1. General aptitude 2. Logical Reasoning 3. Technical (Basic C/C++ questions)… Read More
Company Name : Oracle (Server Technology) Oracle procedure consists of 1) Written Round 2) Coding Round 3) 2-3 Technical Rounds and 1 HR Round 1)… Read More
On line test consist of 4 sections analytical, quant, computer science and English. Coding on paper(45 min): Based on scores they shortlisted for ST, APPS… Read More
I was referred by a friend and all the interviews are held at Oracle office, Hyderabad. None of the expenses would be reimbursed by Oracle.… Read More

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