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Oracle 2 years Experienced Hyderabad location. There were 3 tech round and 1 director round. Round 1 1: If there is sudden cut off in… Read More
ROUND 1:  Aptitude ROUND 2: (ONLINE CODING) Write a program to identify the first repeating integer in an array. Greedy approach based questions. ROUND 3:… Read More
Technical round   Difference between c and c++ Oops concepts (questions related to polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance). Write a code to show these things. What is recursion?… Read More
Oracle visited our campus to recruit students for the post of Applications Development Engineer.  Round-1 (Online Test)  This test comprised of questions broadly from four… Read More
There were 4 rounds in total Round 1: Online MCQ 1) Quant 2) DS and Algo Concepts 3) DBMS and general Computer Science 4) English… Read More
Oracle Ltd. recently visited our campus for the role of the application developer. There were a total of 5 rounds (online test+3 tech interviews+ hr… Read More
3 rounds: 1. Online Test 2. Technical Interview 3. HR interview Online Test :: There were four sections – Code Snippets ( All the questions… Read More
Firstly, an online test was conducted on the Oracle platform, consisting of 4 sections – Communication Skills, Logical Aptitude, Programming Skills, and Computer Science Knowledge.… Read More
Firstly, an online test was conducted on Oracle platform, consisting of 4 sections – Verbal, Aptitude, Programming Skills, Computer Science Concepts. There was separate time… Read More
  Cut-off was 7 CGPA Online test: This round consist of 4 Sections. Each section consists of subsections. Each subsection has its own time limit.… Read More
1st Round : Online Test (60 min) 4 sections : Aptitude, Software Skills, Computer Science Knowledge, Coding Skills Each sections has subsections. 2nd Round :… Read More
Round 1: It was an online MCQ round consisting of 4 parts – Verbal, Aptitude, Computer Science and Programming Knowledge. Computer Science section consisted of… Read More
Round 1: MCQ questions divided into 4 parts – Verbal, Aptitude, Computer Science and Aptitude, Programming Knowledge Computer Science and Aptitude: Questions on C, C++,… Read More
Consider a special family of Engineers and Doctors with following rules :  Everybody has two children. First child of an Engineer is an Engineer and… Read More
Recently Oracle came to our campus for Server Technology and Applications Engineer Profile. Here I am sharing my experience of Server Tech. Round – 1… Read More

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