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Round 1: It was an MCQ round with 4 sections and each section has its different subsection. We are supposed to choose which section to… Read More
Round 1:   It is McQ round with 4 sections and each section has its different sub section. We are supposed to choose which section to… Read More
Company: Oracle Profile:Applications Engineer Eligibility: 7/10 and above or percentage equivalent 70% and above in BTECH(CSE/ECE/IT/EE), No Active Backlogs in any semester.   Online  Test: MCQ… Read More
The shortlisting for rounds are done by an online test held for approximately 2.5 hrs with 90 questions(MCQ). There are 4 sections, First one has… Read More
Recruitment Procedure : Online Test The test was around 110 to 120 minutes and had only MCQ questions with single option correct Questions were from… Read More
Round 1: The first round was online test which consists of 110 MCQs  you have to answer  in 120 minutes the subjects are  logical thinking,… Read More
All rounds Pen-paper coding. 1st Round 1. Given a file, Print All words which end with “ing” with their frequency Condition: No inbuilt string function… Read More
?Oracle India Ltd Hyderabad Interview Experience(Experience 2.5 years) There 150 candidates came there PLACE OF INTERVIEW – PUNE 1 St round ———– They gave 2… Read More
Round-1 -written at their office(coin change, basic string encoding problem) Round-2 -linked list merge point with corner cases and code -coin change problem greedy approach… Read More
Round 1: It was an offline test which consisted of 2 papers, 1st paper has around 20 MCQ’s in Java based on Interfaces, java classes,… Read More
It was a pool campus and around 6 colleges had participated for the interview. Round 1: The first round was online test which was conducted on… Read More
Initially, there was an online round which lasted for 1hr 30min (overall). It was conducted on Oracle’s platform which consisted of multiple choice questions on… Read More
Prerequisites – PL/SQL Introduction, PL/SQL | User Input Write a PL/SQL code that will accept an account number from user. Check if user balance is… Read More
Given n cities: x1, x2, …… xn: each associated with T[i] (treasure) and C[i] (color). You can choose to visit a city or skip it.… Read More
A cricket player has to score N runs, with condition he can take either 1 or 2 runs only and consecutive runs should not be… Read More

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