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(Only circuital branches were allowed) Round 1 (Online Assessment):  We were given 3 questions of DP and basic questions to solve within 1.5hrs. Verdict: Cleared… Read More
Recently Oracle visited our campus for hiring final-year students for a full-time role. The Position is for Software Applications Developer. Round 1: Online Test: It… Read More
This interview experience is On-Campus for the CGBU unit. Round 1 – Online Assessment: The first round was the online Assessment in which there were… Read More
Oracle CGBU unit. OA: 9 questions : 1 REST API ( Relevant Food Outlets) 1 DSA () 1 SQL query (simple query was asked) Out… Read More
Round1 (Online Assessment): 1 coding(it was on DP in my case), 1 API, MCQs on cs fundamentals (mostly DSA). There was a pool of questions.… Read More
OFSS or Oracle Financial Software Services came to our campus for the recruitment drive for the role of Associate Consultant. We got the invite mail… Read More
Oracle came to our college for the position of Member Technical Staff. The cut-off was 7 CGPA and the position was open for CSE, ECE,… Read More
Oracle arrived here with two profiles: server technologies and application development. Both profiles took the same Online Test. Online Test: There were 10 questions on… Read More
Oracle visited our Campus for two roles i.e., NetSuite(Associate Software Engineer) and Server Technology(Member Technical Staff). This year the test pattern for the first round… Read More
Job Description: Oracle is super focused on nurturing talent from your school across all these years including the current one. To meet Oracle’s rapidly growing… Read More
Oracle is a versatile database and it is highly secured and hence to a large extent used in banking and insurance applications. Though NoSQL database… Read More
On 12th July we got to know that Oracle is visiting our campus for campus hiring. Its Online Assessment(OA) was scheduled to be on 25th… Read More
Interview Round 1:  Difference between multiprocessing and multithreading. SQL Query to find the nth highest salary in the employee table. I wrote one using nested… Read More
ROUND 1: ONLINE WRITTEN TEST: It was the first elimination round which consisted of 4 sections and had several subsections in it, where every subsection… Read More
ROUND 1(Online assessment test): This is an objective test containing aptitude, logical reasoning, oops, OS, pseudo-code &  SQL sections, etc. Totally 60 questions are divided… Read More

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