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Wave optics, also known as Physical optics, deals with the study of various phenomena such as diffraction, polarization, interference, resolution, and other occurrences. Wave optics… Read More
Physical optics, frequently known as wave optics, is a discipline of optics that looks at obstruction, diffraction, polarization, and different peculiarities for which the mathematical… Read More
In optics, a ray is a geometrical representation of the light that is idealized by choosing a curve that is perpendicular to the wavefronts of… Read More
Reflection of Light at Plane Surfaces occurs whenever a ray of light strikes or falls over a smooth or polished surface and gets strikes back.… Read More
When you put a pencil in a glass of water, you might have seen that the pencil is slightly bent but actually it is not.… Read More
In Physics, total internal reflection is the complete reflection of a light ray within the medium (air, water glass, etc). For example, the total internal… Read More
The Tyndall effect is the light scattering by a colloid or extremely tiny solution of particles. Tyndall scattering, also known as that phenomenon, is similar… Read More
Mirrors are the surfaces that reflect almost all types of incident light rays that hit their surface. The mirror can have either a plane or… Read More
Spherical mirrors are generally constructed from glass. A spherical surface is a part cut from a hollow sphere. This curved surface of the glass has… Read More
Refraction is an important term used in the Ray Optics branch of Physics. Refraction of light is defined as the change in direction or the… Read More
Laws of Reflection is a principle or rule that governs the phenomenon of reflection of light. The law of reflection states that a light ray… Read More
While studying the reflection of light by spherical mirrors and the formation of images by spherical mirrors, a set of sign conventions are needed to… Read More
Reflection or Reflection of light is the process of bouncing back light rays when it strikes the smooth and shiny reflecting surface. It is due… Read More
Real and Virtual Images are the two types of images formed by the reflection and refraction of light rays. The key difference between real and… Read More

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