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1. Find the size of the memory if its address consists of 22 bits. Assume the memory is 2-byte addressable.Solution – If the given address consists… Read More
In this article, we will discuss various scheduling algorithms for Greedy Algorithms. Many scheduling problems can be solved using greedy algorithms. Problem statement: Given N… Read More
Given M servers that handle multiple requests having infinite computational capability and arrays arrivalTime[] and processTime[] of size N denoting the arrival time and load… Read More
Task Scheduler is vital component of Microsoft Windows that gives its users capacity to plan initiation of projects or programs at the user’s discretion or… Read More
Prerequisite – Program for Round Robin scheduling Processes are executed on basis of their priority in this scheduling algorithm. Processes have a specific priority associated… Read More
In this article, we’ll try to establish the relation between Round Robin and Preemptive Priority Scheduling Algorithm. Let’s discuss the algorithms one by one first… Read More
In this article, we will see how FCFS is a special kind of Priority Preemptive Scheduling Algorithm. Also, we will cover the relation with each… Read More
In this article, we’ll see how FCFS is special kind of Round Robin Algorithm and Round Robin is special kind of FCFS Algorithm. Also, we… Read More
On the off chance that Operating System (OS) is secured, how does program request administrations from OS? Client programs can’t call capacities inside working framework’s memory,… Read More
Anticipatory Scheduling is type of Input/Output scheduling in Hard Disk which improves throughput of hard disk and enhances its efficiency by predicting synchronous read operation… Read More
Two-level scheduling is an efficient scheduling method that uses two schedulers to perform process scheduling. Let us understand it by an example : Suppose a… Read More
Prerequisite – Foreground-Background Scheduling Generalized foreground-background in Scheduling, also known as Least Attained Services (LAS) is scheduling policy, mostly used in systems where size estimates… Read More
Prerequisite – Process Schedulers 1. Short-Term Scheduler : Short term scheduler is also known as CPU scheduler. Its main objective is to boost the system… Read More
1. Longest Job First (LJF) : It CPU Scheduling algorithm where the process with the largest burst line is executed first. Once the process enters… Read More
In multi programming environment, it often happens that more than one processes compete for CPU resources at the same time. If only one CPU is… Read More

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