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It was an On-Campus Interview. They held total 4 Rounds. Round 1(Aptitude Test): 60 MCQs, 1hr It was done through a Google Form.  About 80%… Read More
LTTS is a subsidiary of its parent company Larson and Toubro. It visited our campus in October 2020 There were 3 Rounds: Online Coding round… Read More
Hi All ! In this article I am discussing about DEVTOOLS Interview Experience. The role they offered is Devops Engineer and Business Development. It is… Read More
Round 1(Online test): First round was an online test.  The test link was mailed and the duration for the test was 30 mins which included… Read More
Microsoft conducted entire process virtually due to COVID. Round 1: (Date 29.11.20) Online test:(90 min)    CGPA criteria is 7.50 and open for CSE/MnC/EEE/ECE There… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): The first round was an online test. It had a about 20 MCQs based on OOPs, DBMS SQL etc. Also, there was… Read More
Hi All! In this Article I am going to discuss my NTT DATA Interview Experience Step-by-Step. There are 4 rounds. All the rounds happened virtually.… Read More
IBM visited our campus for internships. Round 1(Online Test): The test contained some logical questions and games.  Round 2(Technical Round): Tell me about yourself. What… Read More
Eligibility: B.Tech. CSE, B.Tech. ECE, MCA, MCA FYIC, BCA %age Cut Off: No % criteria. Students with up to 3 backlogs can be a part.… Read More
Round 1(Aptitude, Technical MCQ): 30 Mins Online test consisting of 30 MCQs to be solved within 30 mins on the Eduthrill platform. Questions were based… Read More
Good Morning Everyone. The interview that I gave in this company in Chandigarh was done in 15-20 minutes only. So let’s begin with the process… Read More
The description is of my interview experience with Fractal Analytics for the role of Imagineer (Trainee Data Scientist) during the campus placement drive in January… Read More
I had appeared for the LTI recruitment process in September 2020. I think cracking the LTI process should not be a hard thing if you… Read More
Round 1: This round was conducted on Cocubes, this test consists of Basic Aptitude and Technical Questions(Java, OS, DBMS, CN). It is a 60 mins… Read More
Buyhatke Interview Experience Coding Round: There was a coding round consisting of 4 questions. These were hard problems involving concepts like dynamic programming and binary… Read More