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The first round was the basic elimination round- online coding test. There were sets of questions and everybody got 3 random questions from it. The… Read More
Microsoft conducted online round in August 2018 at our institute. Around 270 students applied for the test. Round 1(Online): It was conducted on CoCubes and… Read More
The process is very rigorous and focused on your problem solving ability. 900 shortlisted by the company based on their criteria The recruitment process has… Read More
Round 1: Online Test Platform – aspireminds section 1 : 7 code snippets – some corrections to be made in each of the code snippet… Read More
Round 1: Coding Test, Hackerrank Platform, 3 questions, 1.5 hr 1. In a given array of length n, find max(A[j] – A[i]) such that i… Read More
Coding Round was a 1 and half an hour round. Three questions were there.   Tell if parenthesization is valid or invalid with strings containing {}[]<>.… Read More
I was hired for Research Engineer position by Samsung Research Institute Bangalore in December of 2017. We had 2 to 4 rounds of testing. Round… Read More
Recently Amazon visited our college for hiring 2 months summer interns. Round 1: It was Online round on HackerEarth consisting of 20 technical questions and… Read More
Service Now visited our college this year. They started off with an online test followed by a ppt about their company for an hour and… Read More
Company: Novartis Healthcare, Hyderabad Job Profile: Associate for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT Purpose: On-Campus Placements Number of Rounds Conducted: 5 Round 1:… Read More
Avaya had 3 rounds for selecting students. The eligibility criteria was 8.0 CGPA and above, with no live or dead ATKT 1) Aptitude test The… Read More
Round 1: This was a coding + mcqs test on Cocubes platform. 90 mins Mcqs section was divided into 3 parts, Computer science related, Aptitude,… Read More
This company is a startup and came to our campus. Company had two posting locations 1. Mumbai 2. Kolkata The job profile was Trainee –… Read More
Round 1: On Screen Test  Part 1(90 questions and 75 mins) There were three sections in part 1 Aptitude : Very basic and easy questions.… Read More
(Aug, 2018): BE and ME CS and EC people were eligible. The cutoff was 7 cgpa. Round 1: There was three section. 15 questions were… Read More