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Traction On Demand  visited our campus in January 2021(virtually). They conducted 4 rounds. Round 1 (Coding Test): The test had 6 coding questions which were… Read More
Infineon Technologies visited BIT Mesra in September 2020(virtually) for software and hardware interns. I applied for software role. They conducted 4 rounds. Round 1 (Aptitude… Read More
Brillio visited our college for full time hiring .CGPA criteria was 7 and above. Round 1: It was a technical Aptitude and coding round. The… Read More
TCS Digital came to our college in October,2020.There are generally 3 ways TCS hires candidates for Digital Profile- TCS NQT,TCS Digital Hiring,CodeVita Contest.This is about… Read More
It was an On-Campus Opportunity for the post of Associate Software Engineer. ROUND 1 (Pymetric Test): The First round was a pymetrics test, which… Read More
Round1 (Online coding round) : This round had 3 questions 1) Infix to post fix conversion 2) This question was same as level order traversal… Read More
I applied to the company in November 2020 and I was given two choices (Software developer / Go-To-Market). The Go-To-Market role had Sales Development /… Read More
The journey of Societe Generale – Global Solutions Centre started for me in the month of September 2020 when the company visited the campus. A… Read More
NPAV generally conducts on-campus pen and paper tests as the first round. All questions were to be solved using C/C++ only. The total time allotted… Read More
Branches Eligible: CS/IT / MCA Eligibility Criteria: 60% in 10th, 12th/Diploma, Engineering Aggregate, No Live Backlog Process: Online Test, Technical, HR Interview Online Test: The… Read More
The whole recruitment process of HSBC consisted of 4 rounds in total for the role of Trainee Software Engineer. Round 1: Written Assessment : The… Read More
Flipkart visited our campus virtually for placements in January 2021. Students of CS and circuit branches were eligible. Recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds in… Read More
Round 1: Contained MCQ’s and 1 coding question (easy). After this round, approximately 40 students were shortlisted. There were 2 tech Interviews,1 Hr,1 managerial Interview… Read More
Company:  Nokia Networks & Solution Job Profile:   Telecom domain Development Automation Eligibility:   65% in college, No backlog, and  CSE/CSE DD/ECE ECE DD students … Read More
Times Internet visited BITS Pilani for software engineer profile for their subsidiary, Circuit branches + Mech were eligible. There were total 4 rounds. As… Read More