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Hi!! I Recently attended Zoho off campus. I’st round in Madurai and remaining rounds in Chennai campus. Round 1: C AND APTITUDE [ 2 HRS… Read More
The off campus drive was done in Delhi recently. Round 1: HackerRank Test Online Q1. Given 2 coordinates as an excel sheet cell number like… Read More
Nothing hard as such was asked in ZOHO off campus recruitment held in January. Most of the question are from pointers and arrays types. For… Read More
Skype Round Discussion on projects and the current work. Print all the subsequences of string. Face to Face Interview Round 1 Check whether two strings… Read More
Method of applying : I applied to Directi via employee referral. Round 1: Online coding round (Codechef , 90 minutes) Problem 1 : Easy, Adhoc Statement… Read More
Round 1: I had applied for TCS off campus drive in October. Usually, the off-campus drive happens every 3 months for TCS. There were about… Read More
This is my interview experience for Developer Associate SAP Labs India from Early talent hiring event. It was referral Hiring. Round-1 (Online) We have received… Read More
The whole process took 5 Rounds and 2 days. Round 1: The first round was the pen paper based round. It had 15 Technical questions… Read More
Round 1: Written test The first round comprised of 40 one mark questions (without options) from C output questions and flow chart questions (Test Duration:… Read More
I attended the referral drive in Delhi, so we had to report to 10:00 AM at Amazon’s office. ROUND 1: Written – Pen & Paper… Read More
1st Round (ftf) SQL Queries k nearest points from origin Reverse an int reverse a float LRU Cache 2nd Round (ftf)  Design a CSRF (Security… Read More
Round 1 Devise a dice using one coin Stock buy sell problem What is BFS in Tree I have two coins winning strategy Round 2… Read More
 1st Round(Skype)  URL Shortener Stream coming coming in distinct element at any point Linked list have a range and price as node. write a update… Read More
I got a call from amazon for F2F discussion for SDE1 at hyderabad. There were totally four rounds and asked to leave for the day.… Read More
Round-1 (Online Coding Test) There were 10 basic  C based Multiple choice questions And 6 Code based in which I have to write code and run.… Read More

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