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About Codevita: A global programming competition whose duration is 24 hours. Codevita is an open book contest where one can refer to any resources (as… Read More
Round 1: Self-introduction and asked about hobbies. Round 2(Online Test 25 min): Test conducted on Their platform. Related to Python, SPSS, and Excel spreadsheets, ML… Read More
I applied to Accolite Tech fresher hiring 11.0 last month off the campus. There were 5 rounds in total. Round 1: It was conducted on… Read More
I applied Postman for SDE- Intern 2020 through its official website. After 10 days I got an invitation for Online Coding Test at Hackerrank. Online… Read More
I sent my resume to the HR team for an off-campus internship at Accolite, and after 1 week I got a call from HR that… Read More
I was referred by an employee in Nokia for a role. I received a call from HR within 2 days of applying. Three interviews were… Read More
Software Design Engineer role is for product development team at Newgen. It’s an product based company. This interview happened during lockdown  – August 2020 ,… Read More
I was contacted by a recruiter through Linkedin. At that time I had just started in an XYZ firm as a software engineer. I had… Read More
1. ONLINE ROUND [ONE TEST 2019] [90 mins] This round was open to students from all the Institutes across India. This round had 3 coding… Read More
Tata Consultancy Company: Tata Consulting Services is India’s leading company servicing in the field of consultancy and providing business solutions to organization that helps to… Read More
I had first given TCS NQT after which students with top scores were given a chance to give another assessment – TCS Digital. The suspense… Read More
Postman conducted its Software engineering internship drive this year also like previous years. The type of questions and patterns were basically the same. And they… Read More
Round 1: Online Assessment The AmazeWow assessment: 28 technical questions + 2 coding questions. Time: 1.5 hours 1.  Evaluation of Postfix Expression… Read More
Hey guys ! I am sharing with you my interview experience with Amazon for SDE-1 role in June 2020. I was contacted by the HR asking… Read More
Round 1(1 hour): This round was coding based and the interviewer asked 2 coding questions. Both questions were of medium level difficulty. Q1. Given some… Read More

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