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I applied through the company’s career portal, applications opened on January 20, 2021, and closed on February 8, 2021. I received an invitation for the… Read More
I appeared for the amazon’s interview for SDE full-time role, and here is my experience Technical Interview Round-1 First question was there are given n… Read More
Goldman Sachs recruitment for Off campus summer internship 2021 Round 1(Aptitude Test) Participants: About 1 lakh as per pre-placement talk conducted by them This round… Read More
Cyware Labs is a product-based Cyber Security startup based in the US with its Indian head office in Bangalore. I applied through an employee at… Read More
Online Technical Test – This round was an online Hackerrank test consisting of 3 questions, out of which 1 was easy and 1 easy-medium, and… Read More
I applied for Verizon Media in the first week of February. The process took around 1 month. Round 1(Coding): The first round was coding. There… Read More
Accolite Digital- SDE1 for Batch of 2022 Round 0: Aptitude Accolite Digital Hiring Challenge 13.0 on Eduthrill portal. Had to solve 20 quizzes while maintaining… Read More
1st Round – This was an online coding exam consisting of 3 questions from DS/Algo and 3 questions on SQL. The difficulty level was medium,… Read More
1st a quick call with the Recruiter just discussion on tech stack, current and expected CTC and notice period. The recruiter arranged the 1st interview… Read More
I belong to a tier-3 college. I applied for the SDE position through referral, and luckily I got the test link. Each round started with… Read More
STATUS: Final Year [2021], B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, Tier-3 POSITION: University Graduate, FTE LOCATION: Hyderabad, India DATE: April 10, 2021 Note: I have done… Read More
Round 1(Cognitive Assessments): There were 2 cognitive assessments.  In the first one, there were a total of 2 short assessments to be completed in 22… Read More
I applied at HashedIN after seeing a posting on LinkedIn and the same day, I got a call from a technical recruiter at HashedIN. We… Read More
Round 1(Written Test and Coding): This round was conducted by Hacker Earth on 2nd Oct. 2020 for 150 minutes. It consists of 33 multiple choices… Read More

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