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First of all, cloudkaptan is a Kolkata-based startup they are a small group but very hard working they work on salesforce. First I applied off-campus… Read More
There are three rounds of interviews: Round 1(Resume Shortlisting): This round is resume shortlisting. I applied through an off-campus drive. I received a mail after… Read More
Applied through the careers portal of Scaler. After 2 days received the call from HR that there will be an online test soon. Online Test:… Read More
Online round(Oct 2021): There were 4 questions, 2 coding questions along with their algorithm with space and time complexity. Both coding questions were on the… Read More
I got the mail regarding the shortlisting of my resume on 20th Feb 2022 and the online test was scheduled for 23rd Feb 2022. Round… Read More
 Round 1 (Coding round): I don’t exactly remember the question but it was the intermediate-level question (P. S:  Lookout for their coding environment it’s hard… Read More
Hello everyone, I applied for the Zoho off-campus drive (Software developer role), the interview process had 5 rounds with questions getting difficult as you progress… Read More
I applied to ThoughtWorks through referral. It consists of 4 rounds one is an online assessment and 3 interview rounds. Round 1 – Online Assessment:… Read More
There are four rounds of interviews. Round 1 (Application Shortlisting Round): This round was basically for application shortlisting. As it was an Off-Campus Hiring, I… Read More
Round 1( Technical Interview 1): It was one hr long, conducted on Bar Raiser. Starts with an introduction then he asked two coding questions –… Read More
I am a Software Engineer with 2+ yr of experience. I had an off-campus round of Zoho. I got rejected in the third round of… Read More
There is four round of interviews. Round 1 (Online Assessment Test): The online test consists of 2 coding questions to be completed in 70 minutes.… Read More
I applied through Employee Referral. The whole process was completed in a single day(Saturday). There were 4 openings and 20 students were shortlisted for the… Read More
Round 1 – Resume shortlisting Round 2 – Recruiter call (15-20 mins phone conversation) Round 3 – Phone interview (45 mins technical interview conducted on… Read More
Round 1 (Online Assessment Round) – 2 coding questions had to be solved within 90 minutes. The platform for the test was codility. Remember that… Read More

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