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Round 1(Cognitive & Technical Assessment – 23 August 2021): This round is an elimination round, there were 90 minutes to solve 90 questions. Questions were… Read More
Firstly, I applied directly without any referral so if your resume is good you don’t need any referral. But still, a referral is obviously an… Read More
The Recruitment Process has three rounds. Round 1: Telephonic Interview The interviewer introduced herself and informed me that this call is for checking your knowledge… Read More
The recruitment consists of two rounds. The first one is a written test and another is the interview. Round 1: Written Test The test consists… Read More
Qualcomm Hyderabad Off-Campus Hiring for Driver Developer Round 1: Basic round Time: 1 hr What are structure and union, why is union preferred over structure… Read More
Round 1: Written Round Quants, Reasoning, English, pseudocode If you clear this  then Coding Round  will happen after  5 to 10 min Round 2: Communication… Read More
I applied at Amazon via their job portal for various positions. I had been applying continuously for various SDE-1 positions for over a year at… Read More
I am sharing my Accolite Digital Interview Experience with you. I will share the interview process and how I prepared for the interview. Interview Process:… Read More
I got shortlisted through the Elitmus ph test ( scored 82 percentile). Round 1: Online Assessment Had an assessment of 25 min with 30 questions… Read More
Cognizant recruits based on three profiles: GenC  GenC Elevate  GenC Next  The process consists of three rounds –  Round 1(Online Assessment): It consists of a… Read More
I got this opportunity through my college email, which was sent by Amazon India Campus SDE. I applied and I got the Test link. Round… Read More
Round 1: Aptitude, Puzzle, and Pseudo Code Round. (13th June 2021) Going by the name there were in total of 5 sections in this Round.… Read More
Round 1: Cognitive & Technical and Coding Assessment on 18TH AUGUST 2021 As the name suggests there were two parts to this round: Level 1:… Read More
Each round was an elimination round and all rounds were conducted in online mode. Round 1: Online Assessment I gave IT programming(scored 68%) and NQT(scored… Read More
Eligibility Criteria: All Branches above 6.5 CGPA Mylo visited our campus on 20th Aug 2021 for Technology and Data Analyst roles (6 months Intern +… Read More