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Company Name: PricewaterhouseCoopers Job Role: Cyber Security analyst  Interview Location: Virtual, off-campus hiring Round 1(Online Aptitude Test): Mode: Online test, MCQs Sections: Analytical, Quantitative aptitude,… Read More
Difficulty Level: Easy Round 1(Resume Shortlisting): This is an off-campus internship. I’ve applied through the Linkedin platform. They’ll send you mail if you’re shortlisted. There… Read More
I applied for this codeathon through Hackerearth platform. It was a hiring codeathon for Software developer and data analyst role. I gave SDE test.  Round… Read More
Post: SDE Job Description: 2021 passouts Online Assessment Round: 3 Coding questions / 2 hrs Program to convert a given number to words: Opposite… Read More
Hi, I am going to share my Interview Experience with Hashedin by Deloitte. I have received mail from HR for the Interview Process. Round 1(Technical… Read More
I appeared for Mindtree Off-Campus recruitment in May 2021. It consisted of three rounds:  Round 1(Online Assessment): There were four sections; Programming, Verbal ability, Quantitative… Read More
Round 1(Technical Round): This round was mainly to check the DS & Algo level. The question I faced was Balanced parenthesis Searching in linked list… Read More
Company conducted whole drive on We Create Problems platform. Round 1(Written Test): Written consists of coding and Aptitude questions. A. Coding questions: Three are three… Read More
Online Coding Round: There were three coding questions and MCQs. Each section had a fixed allocated time. MCQs were based on general problem-solving skills and… Read More
I had an interview with VeriFone India Bangalore for the Software Development Engineer position (2021 Graduates). It was an off-campus opportunity, I applied through an… Read More
Accolite Digital- SDE1 for Batch of 2022. But I am from 2021, I applied thinking they might allow and luckily they did. Round 0(Aptitude):  Accolite… Read More
Selection Process: Aptitude Test HR cum Technical Round Machine Test Technical Interview *(Each Round is elimination round). Round 1(Aptitude Test):  Off-Line(In Office), there were 15… Read More
I applied at HashedIN after seeing a posting on LinkedIn and after one month, I got a call from a technical recruiter at HashedIN. We… Read More
It was an off-campus opportunity. Round 1(Online assessment on Hackerrank-90mins) There were two sections comprising MCQs(related to java and dsa) and 2 coding questions.  … Read More
I recently got a chance to interview with Amazon. I had three rounds.  Round 1: It started with my introduction and then the interviewer quickly… Read More