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Overview :An invariant in Object-Oriented programming refers to some set of conditions or assertions that need to hold throughout the life of an object of… Read More
It is used when we want to pass data with multiple attributes in one shot from client to server. Transfer Object is a simple POJO… Read More
Analysis simple means to study or examine the structure of something, elements, and system requirements in detail, and methodical way. Structured analysis and Object-oriented analysis… Read More
As the name suggests, Object-Oriented Programming or OOPs refers to languages that use objects in programming. Object-oriented programming aims to implement real-world entities like inheritance,… Read More
The Activity diagrams in Object Oriented Design are just like the flow charts that show the sequence of steps that make up a complex process,… Read More
Intention of object oriented modeling and design is to learn how to apply object -oriented concepts to all the stages of the software development life… Read More
A programming paradigm is a style, or “way, ” of programming. Programming paradigms differ from one another based on the features and the style they… Read More
Prerequisite – Association, Composition and Aggregation in Java Association: An association is defined as an organization of people with a common purpose and having a… Read More
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) OOP treats data as a critical element in the program development and does not allow it to flow freely around the system.… Read More
Problem Statement: The problem is to design a Chess Game using Object Oriented Principles. Asked In: Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Solution: These type of questions… Read More
This article focuses on discussing the differences between procedural and object-oriented programming. Procedural Programming Procedural Programming can be defined as a programming model which is… Read More
Smalltalk is a general purpose object oriented programming language which means that there are no primitives and control structures like a procedural language and in… Read More
When we talk about Polymorphism in C++, we come to hear the following four types: Discussing these in details: Ad-hoc Polymorphism, also called as Overloading… Read More
Declaration of a variable is for informing the compiler of the following information: name of the variable, type of value it holds, and the initial… Read More
Design a hit counter which counts the number of hits received in the past 5 minutes. Source: Microsoft Interview Experience “Design hit counter” problem has… Read More

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