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Factorial of a non-negative integer, is the multiplication of all integers smaller than or equal to n. For example factorial of 6 is 6*5*4*3*2*1 which… Read More
MakeMyTrip recently visited our campus. Below is my interview experience:  Round 1: (Online MCQs) Section A- There were 20 Aptitude and Logical Reasoning questions which has… Read More
MS Excel columns have a pattern like A, B, C, …, Z, AA, AB, AC, …., AZ, BA, BB, … ZZ, AAA, AAB ….. etc.… Read More
Written Round: 1) Given a binary tree, such that each node contains a number. Find the maximum possible sum in going from one leaf node… Read More
Given a string, find its rank among all its permutations sorted lexicographically. For example, rank of “abc” is 1, rank of “acb” is 2, and… Read More
  Given a number n, print all primes smaller than or equal to n. It is also given that n is a small number.  Example: … Read More

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