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In computer science, there exist some problems whose solutions are not yet found, the problems are divided into classes known as Complexity Classes. In complexity… Read More
Prerequisite: NP-Completeness, Subset Sum Problem Subset Sum Problem: Given N non-negative integers a1…aN and a target sum K, the task is to decide if there… Read More
Optimized Longest Path Problem: The optimized longest path problem states that given a graph G, of a set of vertices V and edges E, the… Read More
4-SAT Problem: 4-SAT is a generalization of 3-SAT(k-SAT is SAT where each clause has k or fewer literals). Problem Statement: Given a formula f in… Read More
Problem: Given 3 points a, b, c, the task is to check if these three points are collinear. Explanation: An instance of the problem is… Read More
Subset Equality Problem: Given a set S of non-negative integer values, the problem is to identify if there is a partition of the set S… Read More
SAT Problem: SAT(Boolean Satisfiability Problem) is the problem of determining if there exists an interpretation that satisfies a given boolean formula. It asks whether the… Read More
Problem Statement: Given a formula f, the problem is to determine if f has two satisfying assignments. Explanation: An instance of the problem is an… Read More
Prerequisite: NP Complete Problem: Given a ground set X of elements and also a grouping collection C of subsets available in X and an integer… Read More
Problem: Given a ground Set X, an integer k, and a collection of subsets Si of X, the problem is to identify if there exists… Read More
Prerequisite: NP-Completeness, Graph Coloring Graph K-coloring Problem: A K-coloring problem for undirected graphs is an assignment of colors to the nodes of the graph such… Read More
Set partition problem: Set partition problem partitions an array of numbers into two subsets such that the sum of each of these two subsets is… Read More
Prerequisite: NP-Completeness, Clique problem. A clique in a graph is a set of vertices where each vertex shares an edge with every other vertex. Thus,… Read More
Prerequisite: NP-Completeness, Independent set. An Independent Set S of graph G = (V, E) is a set of vertices such that no two vertices in… Read More
Prerequisite: NP-Completeness, Hamiltonian cycle. Hamiltonian Cycle: A cycle in an undirected graph G =(V, E) which traverses every vertex exactly once. Problem Statement:Given a graph… Read More

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