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Error handling is the process of detecting and responding to errors that occur during the execution of a program or application. In the context of… Read More
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a messaging protocol used in web services to exchange structured information between applications. SOAP is based on XML, and… Read More
‘text-table‘ is a very useful NPM module that can be used to generate borderless tables from the array of data. It’s a very simple module… Read More
Speakeasy is a very important and useful npm module that can generate and validate OTPs (One Time Passwords). OTPs are mainly used for security-related purposes.… Read More
The ‘work-count‘ module is a simple and lightweight external NPM module that can count the number of words in a string. This module provides a… Read More
‘kleur‘ module is an external NPM module that can manage color properties in JavaScript applications or projects. It allows developers or programmers to manipulate and… Read More
The ‘sanitize-filename’ is a very important and useful npm package that can be used to sanitize file names by removing all the unwanted characters or… Read More
The “generate-password” module is a very useful and important external NPM module that can generate unique and random passwords for our projects. One of the… Read More
‘Superheroes‘ is a name of a module on NPM that generates random superheroes names. We can use this module in games, etc. There are millions… Read More
It is a very important and useful NPM package that can create and manipulate PDF documents. It can create simple and complex pdf documents which… Read More