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Tag Archives: Node.js-vm-module

The VM module enables compiling and running code within V8 Virtual Machine contexts. The Complete list of VM are listed below: Class: vm.Script Node.js Constructor:… Read More
The Constructor: new vm.Script() method creates a new vm.Script object and compiles the stated code but it does not run the code. Moreover, the compiled… Read More
The vm.createContext() method is used to create a single context that can be utilized to run more than one scripts. Moreover, if the stated contextObject… Read More
The vm.runInThisContext() method compiles the code, runs it inside the context of the current global and then returns the output. Moreover, the running code has… Read More
The vm.isContext() method is an inbuilt application programming interface of the vm module which is used to check if the stated object is being contextified… Read More
The vm.runInContext() method is used to compile the code. It runs the code inside the context of the contextifiedObject and then returns the output. Moreover,… Read More
The vm.runInNewContext() method contextifies the stated contextObject, compiles the code written and runs it inside the context created and then after all this returns the… Read More

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