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Tag Archives: Node.js-Misc

Session management can be done in node.js by using the express-session module. It helps in saving the data in the key-value form. In this module,… Read More
Payment gateways help the user to make their payments. There are many payment gateways available in the market like Razorpay, Google pay, etc but the… Read More
Handlebars is a template engine that is widely used and easy to use. The pages contain .hbs extension and there are many other template engines… Read More
MD5 module in node.js uses a message-digest algorithm and it is a widely used hash function producing a 128-bit hash value. Password hashing is an… Read More
Validator module is popular for validation. Validation is necessary to check whether the data is correct or not, so this module is easy to use… Read More
Online SQL server helps to connect your project with an online server instead of localhost database setup. To achieve this, the remotemysql site is popular… Read More
A web project containing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images, and Videos files. The task is to ensure that all the files of the project are compiled… Read More
Sending an email is an essential part of any project and it can be achieved by using Mailgun API. It is very popular for sending… Read More
Formidable module is used for parsing form data, especially file uploads. It is easy to use and integrate into your project for handling incoming form… Read More
Accessing static files are very useful when you want to put your static content accessible to the server for usage. To serve static files such… Read More
Handlebars.js is a templating engine similar to the ejs module in node.js, but more powerful and simple to use. It ensures minimum templating and is… Read More
View engines are useful for rendering web pages. There are many view engines available in the market like Mustache, Handlebars, EJS, etc but the most… Read More
The request module is used to make HTTP calls. It is the simplest way of making HTTP calls in node.js using this request module. It… Read More
Yargs module is used for creating your own command-line commands in node.js and helps in generating an elegant user interface. This module makes command-line arguments… Read More
The two back-end web frameworks i.e. Laravel, Django, and the run-time environment NodeJS helps in the development activities. All end up acquiring the same objective,… Read More

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