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Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js ORM for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server. Its features are solid transaction support, relations, eager and lazy… Read More
The query parameter is the variable whose value is passed in the URL in the form of key-value pair at the end of the URL… Read More
The native MongoDB driver for Node.JS is a dependency that allows our JavaScript application to interact with the NoSQL database, either locally or on the… Read More
There are two approaches to resolve unhandled exceptions in Node.js that are discussed below: Approach 1: Using try-catch block: We know that Node.js is a… Read More
To convert text to speech in Node.js, there are various modules but the most popular among them is gtts (Google Text to Speech) module. Feature… Read More
Pre-Filled forms are those forms that are already filled with desired data. These are helpful when a user wants to update something like his profile,… Read More
Body-parser is the Node.js body parsing middleware. It is responsible for parsing the incoming request bodies in a middleware before you handle it.Installation of body-parser… Read More
Modules are the collection of JavaScript codes in a separate logical file that can be used in external applications on the basis of their related… Read More
Looking for weather information daily is a trivial task. As programmers, we can make this task easier by creating a notification service. We will use… Read More
To know what is callback hell, we have to start from Synchronous and Asynchronous Javascript. What is Synchronous Javascript? In Synchronous Javascript, when we run… Read More
Validation in node.js can be easily done by using the express-validator module. This module is popular for data validation. There are other modules available in… Read More
Punycode is a special encoding syntax that is specifically used to convert Unicode characters (UTF-8) to ASCII, which is nothing but the restricted string character… Read More
The most commonly existing method for scraping the web is the one in which we use selenium & beautifulsoup in Python. Even though it helps… Read More
The security of an application is extremely important when we build a highly scalable and big project. So in this article, we are going to… Read More
Session management can be done in node.js by using the express-session module. It helps in saving the data in the key-value form. In this module,… Read More

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