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If x and y are connected parametrically by the equations given in Exercises 1 to 10, without eliminating the parameter, Find  Question 1. x =… Read More
Chapter 6 Application of Derivatives – Miscellaneous Exercise on Chapter 6 | Set 1 Question 12. A point on the hypotenuse of a triangle is… Read More
Find the second order derivatives of the functions given in Exercises 1 to 10. Question 1. x2+ 3x + 2  Solution: Here, y = x2+… Read More
In each of the Questions 1 to 6 verify that the given functions (explicit) is a solution of the corresponding differential equation: Question 1. y… Read More
Determine order and degree (if defined) of differential equations given in exercises 1 to 10. Question 1.  Solution: Given:  Here the order is 4 and… Read More
Question 1. Using differentials, find the approximate value of each of the following up to 3 places of decimal. (i)√25.3 (ii)√49.5 (iii) √0.6 (iv) (0.009)1/3 (v)… Read More
In each of the exercises 1 to 5, from a differential equation representing the given family of curves by eliminating arbitrary constraints a and b.… Read More
 Differentiate the function with respect to x in Question 1 to 8 Question 1. Sin(x2 + 5) Solution:  y = sin(x2 + 5)  =  =… Read More
Question 1. Find the rate of change of the area of a circle with respect to its radius r when a) r=3cm b) r=4cm Solution:… Read More
Chapter 6 Application of Derivatives – Exercise 6.2| Set  1 Question 11. Prove that the function f given by f(x) = x2 – x +… Read More
Question 1. Show that the function given by f (x) = 3x + 17 is increasing on R.  Solution: If for a function f(x), f'(x)… Read More
Chapter 3 Matrices – Exercise 3.2 | Set 1 Question 11. If , find the values of x and y. Solution: Given:  Equating corresponding entries, we… Read More
Question 1. Let   Find each of the following: (i) A + B  (ii) A – B (iii) 3A – C  (iv) AB  (v) BA Solution:… Read More
Chapter 6 Application of Derivatives -Exercise 6.3 | Set 1 Question 14. Find the equations of the tangent and normal to the given curves at… Read More

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