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We have seen various methods with different Time Complexities to calculate LCA in n-ary tree:-Method 1 : Naive Method ( by calculating root to node… Read More
The diameter of an N-ary tree is the longest path present between any two nodes of the tree. These two nodes must be two leaf… Read More
Given an N-Ary tree, find depth of the tree. An N-Ary tree is a tree in which nodes can have at most N children.Examples: Example 1:  … Read More
In previous posts, we have discussed how to calculate the Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) for a binary tree and a binary search tree (this, this… Read More
Given an n-ary tree, count number of ways to traverse an n-ary (or a Directed Acyclic Graph) tree starting from the root vertex.Suppose we have… Read More
Given an n-ary tree of resources arranged hierarchically such that height of tree is O(Log N) where N is total number of nodes (or resources).… Read More
Given a Tree where every node contains variable number of children, convert the tree to its mirror. Below diagram shows an example.   We strongly recommend… Read More
Given an N-ary tree where every node has at-most N children. How to serialize and deserialize it? Serialization is to store tree in a file… Read More

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