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N-ary tree refers to the rooted tree in which each node having atmost k child nodes. The diameter of n-ary tree is the longest path… Read More
Given a n-ary tree and a number x, find and return the number of nodes which are greater than x.  Example:  In the given tree,… Read More
Given a generic tree and a integer x. Find and return the node with next larger element in the tree i.e. find a node just… Read More
Given an N-ary tree, find and return the node with second largest value in the given tree. Return NULL if no node with required value… Read More
Given an N-Ary tree, find and return the node for which sum of data of all children and the node itself is maximum. In the… Read More
Given a N-ary tree represented as adjacency list, we need to write a program to count all such nodes in this tree which has more… Read More
Given a generic tree, perform a Level order traversal and print all of its nodesExamples:   Input : 10 / / \ \ 2 34 56… Read More
A tree consisting of n nodes is given, we need to print its DFS.Examples :   Input : Edges of graph 1 2 1 3 2… Read More
Given a parent array P, where P[i] indicates the parent of the ith node in the tree(assume parent of root node id indicated with -1).… Read More
Given an array that contains the preorder traversal of the full k-ary tree, construct the full k-ary tree and print its postorder traversal. A full… Read More
Given two n-ary trees, the task is to check if they are the mirror of each other or not. Print “Yes” if they are the… Read More
Left-Child Right-Sibling Representation is a different representation of an n-ary tree where instead of holding a reference to each and every child node, a node… Read More
An n-ary tree in computer science is a collection of nodes normally represented hierarchically in the following fashion.   The tree starts at the root node.… Read More
Given an undirected tree, we need to find the longest path of this tree where a path is defined as a sequence of nodes.  Example: … Read More
We have seen various methods with different Time Complexities to calculate LCA in n-ary tree:-Method 1 : Naive Method ( by calculating root to node… Read More

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