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MTX Group Visited our Campus (University Of Engineering and Management Jaipur) in Sep 2021. Role: Salesforce Developer, QA, and Full-Stack Developer There were Basically 5… Read More
MTX visited our campus in October 2021. The drive was for 3 roles- Associate SDE, SDE and Associate ML Engineer. Round 1(Online Assessment): This round… Read More
Round 1 Online Test (Hackerearth platform): Programming questions: 3(Data structures and algorithms) Multiple Choice Questions: 67(Aptitude, programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, OOPs, Java, SQL) Test duration:… Read More
Round 1:Online Test (Hackerearth platform) Programming questions:3(Data structures and algorithms) Multiple Choice questions: 67(Aptitude,programming,html,css,javascript,oops,os,java,sql,salesforce,trees) Test Duration: 2 hrs Round 2: F2F technical interview for 35… Read More

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