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The dropIndex() method drops or delete the specified index from the given collection. It takes only one parameter which is the index, that we want… Read More
In MongoDB, map-reduce is a data processing programming model that helps to perform operations on large data sets and produce aggregated results. MongoDB provides the… Read More
In MongoDB, the distinct() method finds the distinct values for a given field across a single collection and returns the results in an array. It… Read More
In MongoDB, the countDocuments() method counts the number of documents that matches to the selection criteria. It returns a numeric value that represents the total… Read More
The findOne() method finds and returns one document that matches the given selection criteria. If multiple documents satisfy the given query expression, then this method… Read More
The findAndModify() method modifies and return a single document that matches the given criteria. By default, this method returns a pre-modification document. To return the… Read More
The remove() method removes documents from the database. It can remove one or all documents from the collection that matches the given query expression. If… Read More
The drop() method removes collections from the database. It also removes all indexes associated with the dropped collection. The drop method accepts an optional document.… Read More
The insertMany() method inserts one or more documents in the collection. It takes array of documents to insert in the collection.  By default, documents are… Read More
The updateMany() method updates all the documents in MongoDB collections that match the given query. When you update your document, the value of the _id… Read More
In MongoDB, the insert() method inserts a document or documents into the collection. It takes two parameters, the first parameter is the document or array… Read More
In MongoDB, updateOne() method updates a first matched document within the collection based on the given query. When you update your document the value of… Read More
In MongoDB, insertOne() method inserts a document into the collection. This method inserts only one document at a time.  Using this method you can also… Read More
In MongoDB, the limit() method limits the number of records or documents that you want. It basically defines the max limit of records/documents that you… Read More
In MongoDB, the skip() method will skip the first n document from the query result, you just need to pass the number of records/documents to… Read More

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