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The First 2 rounds were taken by interviewvector team. Round 1(DSA): This was an online round. The interviewer told me to share my screen and… Read More
Telephonic Round: The HR talked about my experience and the tech I am currently working on. Interview Rounds Round 1: Asked two questions also told… Read More
Round 1(1 hour): This round was coding based and the interviewer asked 2 coding questions. Both questions were of medium level difficulty. Q1. Given some… Read More
Okay to start with, I am from IIIT Allahabad and  I had applied through one of their LinkedIn openings.It was a resume based shortlisting, I… Read More
Recently, MindTickle visited our campus for Software Developer Role. Co-founder of company himself came to give pre-placement talk(PPT). He delivered speech in his unique style… Read More
Coding Round- There were 3 questions to be solved on hackerrank in 90 minutes: 1. 2.Given an array of integers you have to make all the… Read More
Recently after graduating from college in may’19, I applied for SDE-I role at mindtickle through employee referral. I got a call within 1-2 days from… Read More
I applied on linkedin in Feb 2019 and received a phone from HR in May. It was a basically a screening call and she asked… Read More