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I had a total of 4 rounds. Focus was more on algorithms, problem-solving, system design, and few behavioural questions. Interview process took 15 days from… Read More
Round 0(Codility Round):   Given buckets of size 1..N, find the minimum number of buckets required to fill K liters of water. Given a string,… Read More
Microsoft interview Experience for SDE-2 for Noida location, 2021. I’ll share my experience in this post and I hope it will be beneficial for some… Read More
Round 1:- Started with an introduction about projects and Education. Then he asks me a question about my project which I had done previously(questions related… Read More
On 3rd April 2021, I got a mail that I have been referred by some employee and so they are sending me a test link… Read More
Microsoft Recruitment Team for Machine Learning Engineer confirmed my application for Machine Learning Engineer in India. In this post, I’ll share my experience in the… Read More
Given two Stacks S1 and S2, the task is to check if both the stacks are equal or not in the same order without losing… Read More
STATUS: Final Year [2021], B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, Tier-3 POSITION: University Graduate, FTE LOCATION: Hyderabad, India DATE: April 10, 2021 Note: I have done… Read More
I hope whosoever is reading this is safe and in good health. The past year has been really bumpy, but good things always find a… Read More
I appeared for an Online Interview of the Microsoft E+D team around October 2020. There were three rounds, two of them were DS Algo rounds… Read More
Microsoft conducted entire process virtually due to COVID. Round 1: (Date 29.11.20) Online test:(90 min)    CGPA criteria is 7.50 and open for CSE/MnC/EEE/ECE There… Read More
I applied to Microsoft’s Off-Campus full-time SDE drive on their career website. After a week I received a link for the exam.  Round 1(Online test):… Read More
Hiring for Azure Networking team Round 1(1 hr): This is a coding round that happened on Microsoft teams with SDE-II. In this round, two coding… Read More
I got an email from Microsoft University Hiring team to apply for a particular Job Id. I applied for that through the Microsoft Careers Page.… Read More
Round 1: Implement a Delay Queue. Round 2: Given an array with integer elements(zeroes and non-zeroes included). Push zeroes to the end of the array… Read More