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Hola Geeks!A year back, around the month of July, I had my Pre-placement interview with Microsoft after interning for 2 months(May 16-July 8, 2022) at… Read More
CODING ROUND: There were 2 questions in this round and were given 1 hour to solve them. Difficulty level: Leetcode medium INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: ROUND 1:… Read More
Round 1: There was a codility round with 2 questions for 100mins, question level medium. Round 2: Live coding on codility, 1 leetcode hard question… Read More
Pre-requisite: Create an App Service Plan Azure App Service plans to define a set of compute resources for a web app to run. These computational… Read More
Pre-requisite: Azure Azure Compute Services are the core set of cloud computing services that allow you to deploy and manage workloads on Microsoft Azure. These… Read More
I got this opportunity through their career page. Round 1 (Coding Assessment): There were two questions that need to be solved in 120mins. The questions… Read More
Hi Everyone I hope you all are working in the direction of achieving your aim and going well. I recently got a chance to interview… Read More
Microsoft Interview for SDE: Recruiter Phone Screen(45 mins)-Initial screening based on resume and background. Coding questions about Data structures and algorithms. Technical phone Interview or… Read More
Round 1: Online test(60 minutes): The key to cracking this round is to try to do every question as many people in my college cleared… Read More
Given an integer X, find its square root. If X is not a perfect square, then return floor(√x). Examples :  Input: x = 4Output: 2Explanation:… Read More
Microsoft Edge is a popular browser. It is used by a  lot of users throughout the globe. This browser is closely associated with Microsoft services.… Read More
Microsoft Edge is a well-known browser throughout the globe. It is being used by millions of users in a single day. Microsoft completely designs this… Read More
I got a call through LinkedIn. I got an interview invite for a weekend drive. Online Coding: (1.5 hours): Minimum cost to delete the adjacent… Read More
I’ve been selected for SWE intern at Microsoft’23 through Microsoft Engage Program. I went through two interviews i.e. Technical round and the AA round and… Read More
Microsoft came to our campus for the SWE-1 role. A total of 300+ students applied for its recruitment drive. I was also one of the… Read More

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