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The Microsoft Imagine Cup is not just any technology competition. It is a skill-based Competition, more than two million students over 2 decades have signed… Read More
Be comfortable with writing code on Notepad (Whiteboard in offline interviews) as the use of any editor was not allowed. Go from brute force to… Read More
Coding test (Platform: Mettl / Highly – Proctored): Coding questions (1.5 hr): Fibonacci type question. Euler totient function (without using sieve). Mean/mode/ median of array.… Read More
Before we jump into interview exp, here’s my brief intro: I am a Software Engineer, I graduated in covid year-2020 with a bachelor’s in Computer… Read More
I have around 1.5 years of experience and received a call from a recruiter through LinkedIn. Round 1 (Difficulty Level – Medium): Codility test of… Read More
I have around 3 years of experience working as an iOS developer. The interview was conducted as part of their hiring drive and all the… Read More
After flooding the Microsoft careers page with more than 20 applications I finally got lucky to interview with them. There were a total of 5… Read More
Web Coding Interview: Difficulty level: moderate. It happened at around 10 AM. There were 3 coding issues. Likewise, settling all three with the corner cases… Read More
Round 1 (Online Assessment Round) – 2 coding questions had to be solved within 90 minutes. The platform for the test was codility. Remember that… Read More
Microsoft has launched a dream virtual internship program for undergraduate students passing in 2022, 2023, 2024 academic years. This internship is learn-apply-implement based. So, it… Read More
Microsoft conducts Fix-a-thon for hiring final year college students for the role of Support Engineering interns. Support engineers are part of Microsoft’s Customer Experience &… Read More
Department: Information Technology  Batch: 2023  Company Name: Microsoft  Internship Role: SWE Intern  Domain of Your Role(Software/Consulting/Core Electronics, etc): Software Cut-off: CGPA >= 7.5  Interview Process(How… Read More
Efficient approach: If we are allowed to buy and sell only once, then we can use following algorithm. Maximum difference between two elements. Here we… Read More
Online Assessment  – There were 2 coding question. There are N cities. Cities are connected by roads .(Basically given a graph). K of the cities… Read More
Applied via employee referral. Got a call for interview rounds after 1.5 months from date of applying on portal. Round 1(Codility Screening Round): 2 questions… Read More

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