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COMPARE is an important instruction widely used in 8085 microprocessor. The 8085 instruction set has two types of Compare operations: Compare with accumulator (CMP) and… Read More
Prerequisites – Pin diagram of 8085 microprocessor, Bus organization of 8085 microprocessor Single board microcomputers are the system which have a program called Key Monitor… Read More
ROTATE is a logical operation of the 8085 microprocessor. It is a 1-byte instruction. This instruction does not require any operand after the opcode. It… Read More
Problem – Draw the timing diagram of the given instruction in 8085, INR M The content present in the designated register/memory location (M) is incremented… Read More
Prerequisite – Instruction Set used in simplified instructional Computer (SIC) As SIC/XE is upward compatible with respect to SIC, therefore all the instructions in SIC… Read More
Prerequisite – Simplified Instructional Computer (SIC) These are the instructions used in programming the Simplified Instructional Computer(SIC).  Here, A stands for Accumulator M stands for Memory CC stands for… Read More
Problem – Draw the timing diagram of the given instruction in 8085, MOV B, C Given instruction copy the contents of the source register into… Read More
Basically, you are given a set of instructions and the initial content of the registers and flags of 8085 microprocessor. You have to find the… Read More
MPU communicates with the outside world with the help of some external devices which are known as Input/Output devices. The MPU accepts the binary data… Read More
The 8085 microprocessor is an example of a Microcomputer System. A microprocessor system contains two types of memory that are EPROM and R/WM, Input and… Read More
Representing and storing numbers were the basic operation of the computers of earlier times. The real go came when computation, manipulating numbers like adding, multiplying… Read More
Problem – Write an assembly language program that if an input number BYTE1 lies b/w 50H to 80H display it on output PORT2. If BYTE1… Read More
8085 microprocessor support some Externally initiated operations, which are also known as Peripheral operations. Different external input/output devices or signals can initiate these types of… Read More
These type of instructions control machine functions such as Halt, Interrupt, or do nothing. This type of instructions alters the different type of operations executed… Read More
The 8085 instruction set is classified into 3 categories by considering the length of the instructions. In 8085, the length is measured in terms of… Read More

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