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Problem: Write an 8086 program to check whether a given string is palindrome or not.Examples:   Input String: "abba" Output: String is palindrome Input String: "abbca"… Read More
Problem: Write an assembly level program to print a given string . Examples: Input String: "This is a sample string" Output: This is a sample… Read More
Problem: Given a string we have to reverse the string and print the reversed string.  Examples: Input: String : "This is a sample string" Output:… Read More
UltraSPARC Architecture belongs to the SPARC (Scalable Processor Architecture) family of processors. This architecture is suitable for wide range of microcomputers and supercomputers. UltraSPARC is… Read More
PowerPC Architecture are microprocessor for personal computers. PowerPC is a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture which are very powerful and low-cost microprocessors. RISC architecture… Read More
Problem: Write an assembly language program in 8085 microprocessor to separate odd and even numbers from the given list of 50 numbers. Store odd nos… Read More
Problem: Write an assembly level language program to convert HEX code to its respective ASCII code. Assume that starting address of program and input memory… Read More
Problem – All bits of an accumulator are 0 except a single bit which is 1. Write an assembly language program using 8085 to determine… Read More
Problem: Write a 8086 program to Print a 16 bit Decimal number. Examples:  Input: d1 = 655 Output: 655 Input: d1 = 234 Output:234 Explanation: … Read More
A Microprocessor is an Integrated Circuit with all the functions of a CPU however, it cannot be used stand-alone since unlike a microcontroller it has… Read More
Problem – Write a 8086 assembly level program to generate the Fibonacci Sequence. The length of the sequence is stored in the data segment with… Read More
Problem – Write an assembly language program to sum two 8 bit numbers without using carry operation in 8085 microprocessor. Assumption: The starting address of… Read More
Why do we need branch prediction? The gain produced by Pipelining can be reduced by the presence of program transfer instructions eg JMP, CALL, RET… Read More
8259 microprocessor can be programmed according to given interrupts condition and it can be provided either with level or edge-triggered interrupt level. It can be… Read More
Prerequisite – Binary Search Problem – Write an assembly language program in the 8085 microprocessor to find a given number in the list of 10 numbers.… Read More

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