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In this digital world when everyone is busy with their business life and mainly when in current scenario Information Technology (IT) plays vital role, there… Read More
Conditional branch instructions are the set of instructions that is used to branch out of a loop. We will discuss these instructions for the AVR… Read More
Logical Instructions are the instructions which perform basic arithmetic operations such as AND, OR, XOR, etc. In AVR micro-controller, the destination operand is always a… Read More
Data transfer instructions are the instructions which are used to transfer data into micro-controller. These instructions can be used to transfer data from : Register… Read More
Arithmetic Instructions are the instructions which perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. AVR micro-controller has 2 operands which are actually registers… Read More
Prerequisite – Addressing Modes In an Instruction Fetch operation of the Instruction Cycle Process, addressing mode plays a crucial part. Addressing Mode is how the… Read More
Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) Processor is considered to be family of Central Processing Units that is used in music players, smartphones, wearables, tablets and other… Read More
Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) Processor is defined as family of CPUs that have wide usage in electronic devices such as smartphones, wearable, tablets and multimedia… Read More
8051 microcontroller is a 40 pin Dual Inline Package (DIP). These 40 pins serve different functions like read, write, I/O operations, interrupts etc. 8051 has… Read More
Input and output ports can be categorized into Programmable ports and Non-programmable ports. Programmable ports are those which require software changes to alter their functioning,… Read More
8051 is 8-bit microcontroller with 4 KB program memory and 128 Bytes data memory. Other features include four 8-bit ports, two 16-bit timers and one… Read More
The bus cycle is also named as machine cycle. Bus cycle of 8086 is used to access memory, peripheral devices (Input/Output devices), and Interrupt controller.… Read More
Introduction – 8051 is one of the first and most popular microcontrollers also known as MCS-51. Intel introduced it in the year 1981. Initially, it… Read More
Program Control Instructions are the machine code that are used by machine or in assembly language by user to command the processor act accordingly. These… Read More
In this section, we will see some differences between Intel 8080 MPU, and Intel 8085 MPU. The Intel 8080 microprocessor was the predecessor of the… Read More

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