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Overview :For minimal memory applications, the 8051 has internal data and code memory. In such a position. For certain applications, this memory capacity will not… Read More
Command word of 8259 is divided into two parts : Initialization command words(ICW) Operating command words(OCW) Initialization command words(ICW) :Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now.… Read More
Global Descriptor Table : The Global Descriptor Table is a data structure which is used by Intel x86-family processors starting with the 80286 for the… Read More
Prerequisites: 8259 PIC8259 PIC is designed for the 8085 and 8086 microprocessor’s series.  Need For PIC in 8085 and 8086 :Attention reader! Don’t stop learning… Read More
Overview : The 8086 microprocessor operates in minimum mode when MN/MX’ = 1. In minimum mode,8086 is the only processor in the system which provides… Read More
8086 microprocessor characteristics:  It contains 20 bit address bus. It contains 16-bit data bus, therefore 8086 is called as 16-bit microprocessor. It is 2-stage pipelined… Read More
8085 is an 8-bit, general purpose microprocessor. It consists of following functional units:-  Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important… Read More
Auxiliary Carry Flag (AF) is one of the six status flags in the 8086 microprocessor.  This flag is used in BCD (Binary-coded Decimal) operations. The… Read More
1. Assembly level language :It is a low-level language that allows users to write a program using alphanumeric mnemonic codes, instead of numeric code for… Read More
Seven segments LED display : A seven-segment LED is a kind of LED(Light Emitting Diode) consisting of 7 small LEDs it usually comes with the… Read More
A multi-center CPU is a PC processor that has at least two segments. Each part of the chip executes guidelines as though it was a… Read More
Microcontroller is an microcircuit (IC) which will be programmed to perform a group of functions to regulate a set of electronic devices. Being programmable is… Read More
CALL is a control transfer instruction that is used to call a particular subroutine. A subroutine is a block of instructions that need to be… Read More
In this article, we will be discussing looping in AVR and branch instructions, both Conditional and Unconditional. Looping in AVR : A repeated operation or… Read More
A micro-controller is a single Integrated Circuit (IC) which is comparable to a little stand alone computer and it is designed to perform the specific… Read More

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