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As we know, Mergesort is a divide and conquer algorithm that splits the array to halves recursively until it reaches an array of the size… Read More
We have an array A of n integers that we’re planning on sorting. Specifically, we want to know how close the array is to sorted.… Read More
Veritas visited our college for campus hiring. The CTC offered was 9.26 LPA. There were a total of 105 candidates eligible for the recruitment test.… Read More
This a common question asked in DS interviews that despite of better worst case performance of mergesort, quicksort is considered better than mergesort. There are… Read More
Given two Linked Lists, create union and intersection lists that contain union and intersection of the elements present in the given lists. Order of elements… Read More
Senior android Developer Coding Round: Spirally traversing a matrix Longest Increasing Subsequence First Round: find “longest line” of 1’s in array. Hoizontal and Vertical. Array… Read More
  Given two sorted arrays, the task is to merge them in a sorted manner.Examples:  Input: arr1[] = { 1, 3, 4, 5}, arr2[] =… Read More
TimSort is a sorting algorithm based on Insertion Sort and Merge Sort. A stable sorting algorithm works in O(n Log n) time Used in Java’s… Read More
Given a permuted array of length N of first N natural numbers, we need to tell the minimum number of swaps required in the sorted… Read More
Given an array of integer values which need to be sorted by only one operation – subarray rotation where subarray size should be 3. For… Read More
Given an integer array of which both first half and second half are sorted. Task is to merge two sorted halves of array into single… Read More
Online test: Coding : Time : 90 minutes There were three coding questions as follows: A man starts from his house with a few pan… Read More
Given a number ‘n’ and a n numbers, sort the numbers using Concurrent Merge Sort. (Hint: Try to use shmget, shmat system calls).Part1: The algorithm… Read More
Some of the merge operation classes are provided in C++ STL under the header file “algorithm”, which facilitates several merge operations in a easy manner. Some… Read More
A surpasser of an element of an array is a greater element to its right, therefore x[j] is a surpasser of x[i] if i <… Read More

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