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A cylinder is a three-dimensional object that is formed when a rectangle is rotated along any of its sides. A hollow cylinder is one type… Read More
Vertices, Faces, and Edges are the three basic properties that are used to define various 3-D objects. We come across a variety of objects in… Read More
A cubic meter is a unit of measurement of a volume. Volume is defined as the measure of space occupied by a three-dimensional object. Volume… Read More
A square prism is a three-dimensional-shaped geometric structure that has two congruent square bases that are connected by four rectangular faces. A prism having a… Read More
In geometry, a closed two-dimensional shape having three or more sides is referred to as a polygon. A polygon must have at least three sides,… Read More
In mathematics, a prism is a significant member of the polyhedron family. It is defined as a three-dimensional-shaped geometric structure with two identical polygons facing… Read More
Surface Area of a Cone is the total area occupied by the surfaces of the cone. A cone is a three-dimensional-shaped geometric figure that has… Read More
The surface area of a cuboid is the total space occupied by all its surfaces/sides. In geometry, a three-dimensional shape having six rectangular faces is… Read More
Volume of a cube is defined as the total number of cubic units occupied by the cube completely. A cube is a three-dimensional solid figure,… Read More
Volume of a cylinder is defined as the space or region which is enclosed by the cylinder or we can consider it as the amount… Read More
The surface area of a hemisphere is the area covered by the faces of the hemisphere. The curved surface area and the base area sum… Read More
In geometry, a cube is a solid or hollow three-dimensional form of a square that has six square faces, eight vertices, and twelve edges. Some… Read More
Surface area of a cylinder is defined as the amount of space covered by the flat surface of the cylinder’s bases and the curved surface… Read More
The volume of sphere is the amount of liquid a sphere can hold. It is the space occupied by a sphere in 3-dimensional space. It… Read More
Given the length of the three semi-axes as A, B, and C, the task is to find the surface area of the given Ellipsoid. Ellipsoid… Read More

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