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The term Parallelogram comes from the Greek “parallelogrammon” meaning “limited by parallel lines”. So, a parallelogram is a quadrilateral surrounded by parallel lines. It has… Read More
Polygon is nothing but a closed figure(end to end connected) made up of more than 2 line segments on a 2-dimensional plane. The word Polygon… Read More
Area is a quantity that expresses the extent of a two-dimensional figure or shape or planar lamina in the plane. Lamina shapes include 2D figures… Read More
Mensuration is the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of different geometrical shapes and their areas. It uses geometric calculations and algebraic equations… Read More
Given integers A, B, C, and D denoting the length of sides of a Cyclic Quadrilateral, the task is to find the circumradius i.e., the… Read More
Given an array arr[], the task is to find the lexicographically largest triplet in that array that can form a triangle. If no such triplet… Read More
Given a semicircle with radius R, which inscribes a rectangle of length L and breadth B, which in turn inscribes a circle of radius r.… Read More
Given a regular hexagon with side A, which inscribes a circle of radius r, which in turn inscribes a square of side a.The task is… Read More
The circumference of a circle is 100 cm. The side of a square inscribed in the circle is: (A) 50(2^0.5) (B) 100/Pi (C) [50(2^0.5)]/Pi (D)… Read More
The sides of a triangle are 6 cm, 11 cm and 15 cm. The radius of its in-circle is: (A) 3*(2)^0.5 (B) (4/5)*(2)^0.5 (C) (5/4)*(2)^0.5… Read More
An equilateral triangle, a square and a circle have equal perimeters. If T denotes the area of the triangle, S denotes the area of the… Read More
The area of the largest triangle that can be inscribed in a semi-circle of radius r, is:- (A) r^2 (B) 2r^2 (C) r^3 (D) 2r^3… Read More
If an area enclosed by a circle or a square or an equilateral triangle is the same, then the maximum perimeter is possessed by: (A)… Read More
If the radius of a circle is increased by 6%, then the area is increased by: (A) 14.96 (B) 11.24 (C) 13.64 (D) 12.36 Answer:… Read More
The perimeter of a field of length 100 m.and breadth is 50 m is: (A) 500 m (B) 400 m (C) 300 m (D) 200… Read More

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