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Prithviraj III, also known as Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai  Pithora, was one of the most well-known and greatest Rajput rulers of all time. He is… Read More
Everything has solidness, including solid realms like the Archaic time frame’s Vijayanagar realm, which finished in 1678 CE. The Vijayanagar Domain had been arranged on… Read More
The Rajput rulers put stock in the practice of being legends, who might battle fearlessly and frequently pick passing on the front line as opposed… Read More
Communism in Europe and the Russian Revolution educates us concerning the development of Socialism in Europe. The transformation changed the entire society totally and brought… Read More
The language of individual talks about might decide their place of beginning. We effectively correspond to each district with specific sorts of food, garments, verse,… Read More
The political circumstances emphatically changed the situation of India for a brief period during the 1800 years. The rise of new political gatherings during the… Read More
The Marathas were warriors from the Deccan Plateau region, which is currently called Maharashtra. They revolted against the Mughal empire and were very prominent during… Read More
The Mughal empire remained a dynamic, centralized, and complex organization for nearly one hundred and seventy years (1556-1719). The emperor commanded cadres of loyal officials… Read More
Individuals perform ceremonies of love or sing bhajans, kirtans, or qawwalis, or even recurrent the name of God peacefully, and some of them are moved… Read More
By ruling a vast territory as the Indian subcontinent involving such a diverse group of people and cultures, was a very difficult task in medieval… Read More

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