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A rigid body that is capable of rotating around an axis makes up a physical pendulum, a particular kind of pendulum. The physical pendulum can… Read More
In real life, we know that the Earth rotates on its own axis and the moon also rotates on its axis. But what basically rotation… Read More
Tangential acceleration is the rate at which a tangential velocity varies in the rotational motion of any object. It acts in the direction of a… Read More
Angular acceleration is the change in angular speed per unit of time. It can also be defined as the rate of change of angular acceleration.… Read More
Frictional Force is the opposing force when two surfaces come in contact with each other to move either in the same direction or in opposite… Read More
Linear component of any object’s velocity which is moving on a circular path is called tangential velocity. When an object moves in a circular path… Read More
Angular Momentum is a kinematic characteristic of a system with one or more point masses. Angular momentum is sometimes called Rotational Momentum or Moment of… Read More
Energy is the capacity of the object to do work, the energy according to physicists is always constant and can only be converted from one… Read More
Force is defined as an external cause that a body experiences as a result of interacting with another body. Whenever two objects interact, a force… Read More
Contact and Non-Contact Forces are the two main types of forces. Contact Force is a force that acts between the objects in contact with each… Read More
Circular motion is a motion in which an object moves around a fixed point in a circular motion. It can be both uniform and non-uniform.… Read More
The law of conservation of mass states that the mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. This implies, in a closed… Read More
Moment of inertia is the property of a body in rotational motion. It is similar to the inertia of any body in translational motion. Moment… Read More
Distance and Displacement are two crucial terms of Mechanics that may seem the same but have different meanings and definitions. Distance is a measure of… Read More
Acceleration is defined as the rate of change in velocity. This implies that if an object’s velocity is increasing or decreasing, then the object is… Read More