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Prerequisites: Matplotlib Matplotlib.pyplot.margins() is a function used to set the margins of the x and y axes. All input parameters must be a float that… Read More
Matplotlib is a module or package or library in python which is used for data visualization. Pyplot is an interface to a Matplotlib module that… Read More
A bar plot or bar chart is a graph that represents the category of data with rectangular bars with lengths and heights that is proportional… Read More
Prerequisites: Matplotlib Matplotlib is a comprehensive library for creating interactive, static and animated visualizations in python. Using general-purpose GUI toolkits like wxPython, SciPy, Tkinter or… Read More
Prerequisites: matplotlib subplot() function adds subplot to a current figure at the specified grid position.  It is similar to the subplots() function however unlike subplots()… Read More
Matplotlib.pyplot.table() is a subpart of matplotlib library in which a table is generated using the plotted graph for analysis. This method makes analysis easier and… Read More
Matplotlib is the well-known Python package used in data visualization. Numpy is the numerical mathematics extension of Matplotlib. Matplotlib is capable of producing high-quality graphs,… Read More
Matplotlib.pyplot.fill() function is used to fill the area enclosed by polygon /curve. Syntax: matplotlib.pyplot.fill(*args, data=None, **kwargs) Parameters: *args: sequence of x, y, [color]    … Read More
This function is used to add a text to the axes at location x, y in data coordinates. Syntax: matplotlib.pyplot.text(x, y, s, fontdict=None, **kwargs) parameters… Read More
Matplotlib Is a library in Python and it is a numerical – mathematical extension for the NumPy library. Pyplot Is a state-based interface to a… Read More
A Stacked Percentage Bar Chart is a simple bar chart in the stacked form with a percentage of each subgroup in a group. Stacked bar… Read More
Contour plots or Level plots are a way to display a three-dimensional surface on a two-dimensional plane. It graphs as contours as one output variable z… Read More
Data Visualization Is an important part of analyzing the data as plotting graphs helps in providing better insight and understanding of the problem. Matplotlib.pyplot is… Read More
Matplotlib is a Python library used for creating, animations, and editing graphs, plots, and figures using Pyplot. Matplotlib.pyplot has many functions defined in it to… Read More
The step() function designs the plot such that, it has a horizontal baseline to which the data points will be connected by vertical lines. This… Read More

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