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There were total 3 rounds :  Online Assessment  GD Round  HR Round Online Assessment had 4 sections which were nearly 90 mins in total :… Read More
Round 1: Online Test: 90 min Mathematical Reasoning C based MCQs C++/Java MCQs (attempt anyone) Python MCQs (bonus) 2 Coding questions:  Maximum Difference Between Increasing… Read More
MathWorks visited our campus in July 2022 for FTE, Engineer or Associate in Engineering Development Group (EDG) role. Round 1 – Online Coding Round (Duration:… Read More
Selection Process: There were a total of 5 Rounds and each round was an elimination round! Round 1(Online Test – 44 questions | 1.5 hr):… Read More
Mathworks visited our college in November 2021 to hire final year students for internship and full-time roles. The process included 5 rounds in total. Round… Read More
Online Test Pattern: Multiple choice questions based on CS concepts, output questions etc. 2 medium level DSA coding questions. Interview Rounds: Round 1(Technical): This was… Read More
Mathworks had visited our college in August to hire final year students for the full-time role. The selection process comprised of an online test followed… Read More
Mathworks came to our college on 26 Aug 2021 for interviews. Online test was conducted some 3-4 days before. The platform was Hacakerank. Online Test:… Read More
Mathworks conducted an online test on 13th August, Friday in our college, out of which around 25 people were shortlisted. Coding Test: The online coding… Read More
MathWorks visited the campus on 6th August 2021 for FTE as well as internships. Here I’m going to explain the interview process for the FTE… Read More
Interview Experience -Mathworks-EDG-OnCampus-FTE + 6Months Internship Hello there! Mathworks visited my college on 10 Aug 2021 for hiring both FTE and internship positions. Out of… Read More
MathWorks visited our college for summer internship 2021. Students from CSE/ECE/EE with CGPA>=7 were eligible to give the online test.  Round 1: It consisted of… Read More
1st round – Online test(1hr 30 min) – either computer science or engg(core) option was given: MathWorks (EDG) MCQ’S and coding-2 problems 6 sets of… Read More

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