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Simple interest is a way of calculating the amount of interest charged on a sum at a particular rate and during a specified time period.… Read More
The polynomial Formula specifies the standard form of polynomial expressions. It specifies the arrangement of terms according to the decreasing power of variables. The degree… Read More
A solid with a triangular base such that the triangles have a common vertex on all three lateral sides is called a triangular pyramid. It… Read More
Projectile motion is a type of motion in which an object moves along a bilaterally symmetrical, parabolic direction. The path that the object takes is… Read More
When one integer is multiplied by another integer, the resulting number is referred to as a square number. A number’s square root is that factor… Read More
In mensuration, a tangential quadrilateral is defined as a convex quadrilateral whose all sides are tangent to a single circle within itself. This quadrilateral is… Read More
A spherical wedge is a solid created by rotating a semicircle about its diameter with fewer than 360o. The region on a sphere bordered by… Read More
A secant line is a straight line that connects two points on the curve of a function f(x). A secant line, also known as a… Read More
A rational function is a polynomial ratio in which the denominator polynomial should not be equal to zero. It is a function that is the… Read More
An intercept is defined as the point at which the line or curve intersects the graph’s axis. The intercept of a line is the point… Read More
A sample is a subset of a bigger population of data. The sample mean formula is used to get the average value of a set… Read More
Standard form is a common way of representing any notation/equation. The Standard Form Formula represents the general acceptance form of an equation. For a polynomial,… Read More
A spherical segment is a part of a sphere formed when a plane slices the sphere at the top and bottom in such a way… Read More
The point where the parabola and its axis of symmetry intersect is called the vertex of a parabola. It is used to determine the coordinates… Read More
Trigonometry is a field of mathematics that determines the angles and unknown sides of a triangle using trigonometric ratios. It simplifies the estimation of unknown… Read More

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