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The term Trigonometry is derived from Greek words i.e; trigonon and metron, which implies triangle and to measure respectively, θ. There are 6 Trigonometry ratios… Read More
Trigonometry is a very important branch of mathematics which has a wide variety of applications. One such application pertains to the ratio of sides and… Read More
A way of finding the area of any figure is by integrating the function of that curve within the required limits which gives the area… Read More
Probability is one of the basics of mathematics. It is the probability distribution that represents equally likely outcomes i.e. the probability of each occurring is… Read More
The monthly compound interest formula is used to compute compound interest every month. Compound interest is sometimes known as interest on interest. The first period… Read More
Algebra and series are important topics of mathematics. Binomial expansion is an expansion of the binomial expression (two terms algebraic expression). It requires prior knowledge… Read More
A cyclic quadrilateral is a special type of quadrilateral in which all the vertices of the quadrilateral lie on the circumference of a circle. Circumcircle… Read More
Geometry is one of the Ancient branches of mathematics. It is concerned with the properties of space that are related to distance, shape, size, and… Read More
Every day we purchase one thing or the other, and every product has a certain price. So, the price that we pay to the seller… Read More
Average in mathematics holds major significance. Ancient mathematics describes average as the quantity same as a single quantity describing all the available given quantities. For… Read More
The word Trigonometry is derived from two Greek words: “trigon” meaning is ‘a triangle’ and metron meaning  ‘to measure ‘. Simply, Trigonometry means ‘measurement of… Read More
Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with numerical data analysis. It presents the data in an organized manner. Statistics is a study of… Read More
Frequency in mathematics is a measure of how often a quantity is present and represents the chances of occurrence of that quantity. In other words,… Read More
A parallelogram is defined as a quadrilateral that has equal pairs of opposite sides and angles. One of its pairs of opposite sides is parallel… Read More
In arithmetic, the geometric mean is defined as an average in which the numbers of a sequence are multiplied together and then its nth root… Read More

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