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A method for turning a quadratic formula of the form ax2 + bx + c to the vertex form a(x – h)2 + k is… Read More
A pyramid is defined as a three-dimensional polyhedron with three or more triangle-shaped faces that meet above the base and a polygonal base. The triangle… Read More
A circle is a closed geometric figure with no sides. It consists of a center, and the distance from the center to the point lying… Read More
A parallelepiped is defined as a three-dimensional shape formed by six parallelograms. It consists of six faces, eight vertices, and twelve edges. The face diagonals… Read More
An ellipse is a two-dimensional curve on a plane that surrounds two focus points and is defined as the sum of the distances between the… Read More
In geometry, a cone is a three-dimensional figure with a flat surface, and a curved surface pointed toward the top, where the pointed end is… Read More
Sin2x formula is among the very few important formulas of trigonometry used to solve various problems in mathematics. It is among the various double-angle formulas… Read More
The hypergeometric distribution is defined as the concept of approximation of a random variable in a hypergeometric probability distribution. This value is further used to… Read More
Algebra is one of the basic topics of mathematics. Polynomials are an essential part of algebra. Vieta’s formula is used in polynomials. This article is… Read More
A cone is a shape formed by connecting a common point, known as the apex or vertex, to all the points of a circular base… Read More
In the field of statistics, the sample size is defined as the number of observations used to calculate population estimates for a specific population. In… Read More
Coefficient of determination is defined as the fraction of variance predicted by the independent variable in the dependent variable. It shows the degree of variation… Read More
Slope formula is used to determine the steepness or inclination of a line. The x and y coordinates of the points lying on the line… Read More
A cube is defined as a 3D solid object which has six square faces and all sides equal to each other. It is one of… Read More
A trigonometric cofunction is defined as expressing a trigonometric angle ratio in terms of the other. It illustrates how sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and… Read More

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