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Perimeter of a Triangle is actually the total length of all its three sides. Triangle is a polygon that has three sides, various methods are… Read More
Square is a rectangle whose adjacent sides are equal in length. This means it is a quadrilateral where all the sides are equal in length.… Read More
Point of intersection is the point where two lines or two curves meet each other. The point of intersection of two lines of two curves… Read More
Square is considered to be a regular quadrilateral, with all four sides having an equal length and all equal four angles. The angles subtended at… Read More
In mensuration, the perimeter of a is defined as the sum of lengths of all the sides of the quadrilateral around the border. So perimeter… Read More
Rhombus is a special type of Parallelogram which is of huge importance. In a rhombus, all four sides are equal and opposite pairs of lines… Read More

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