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The concept of the area comes under the topic mensuration which is the branch of geometry that deals with the measurements of shapes i.e., length,… Read More
Percentile formula is used in determining the performance of a person in comparison with others. It is used mostly in schools during results of tests… Read More
Pythagorean triples concept was used since ancient times by many greeks, Chinese and Indian philosophers. It is used to explain the relationship between the three… Read More
The Population Mean concept comes under parent topic statistics. In brief statistics deals with the topics of collecting data, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting the organized… Read More
Pythagorean theorem also known as Pythagoras’ theorem can be defined as a relation among the three sides (hypotenuse, base, perpendicular) of a right-angled triangle. It… Read More
Kite is a quadrilateral in which two pairs of sides are equal and these equal sides are adjacent to each other. It is known as… Read More
There are many geometrical shapes/figures available and we can find the area for each figure using different formulas based on their shape. The area of… Read More
In mathematics or in daily lives geometry and geometrical shapes always play an essential role. Starting from a simple tray to a big building, we… Read More
Polygon is a closed, connected shape made of straight lines. It may be a flat or a plane figure spanned across two dimensions. The word… Read More
A number is a numerical value that is used to represent the quantity/measurement of an object like to represent the weight of a person, length… Read More
GeeksforGeeks present Maths Chapterwise Formulas for Class 9. This is designed for the convenience of the students so that one can understand all the important… Read More
GeeksforGeeks come forward to reduce the pressure on a student for collecting all the important formulas used in their Class 8 curriculum in a single… Read More
Quadrilaterals can be defined as, types of polygons that have four sides, four vertices, and four angles along with a pair of diagonals. The Sum… Read More
Arithmetic is a subject of mathematics that is being used for calculation for the longest time known till now. Arithmetic alone carries an ancient history… Read More
Trigonometry is a discipline of mathematics that studies the relationships between the lengths of the sides and angles of a right-angled triangle. Trigonometric functions, also… Read More

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