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In geometry, a cylinder is a three-dimensional shape with two parallel circular discs or bases separated by a certain distance. At a fixed distance from… Read More
In mathematics, sequence and series are the fundamental concepts of arithmetic. A sequence is also referred to as a progression, which is defined as a… Read More
A process is a series of steps/tasks to convert some input to an output. Capability on the other hand means to produce something with some… Read More
The full form of LCM is Least Common Multiple. LCM of two numbers say a and b  is defined as the smallest positive integer which… Read More
Pyramid is a three-dimensional geometric structure with a polygonal base and all its triangular faces meet at a common point called the apex or vertex.… Read More
As the name suggests, trigonometry means the study of triangles. Trigonometry is more precisely concerned with right triangles, where one of the internal angles is… Read More
Differentiation and Integration both play an important role in mathematics and physics. Without differentiation and integration, we can’t assume mathematics and physics. Both of these… Read More
A vital branch of mathematics that is concerned with the relationships between the angles and lengths of a right triangle is referred to as trigonometry.… Read More
In statistics, the measure of the variation of values is known as Standard Deviation (SD). A low value of SD implies that the given set… Read More
In trigonometry, using the sum and difference formulae, one can calculate the values of trigonometric functions at any angle where it is feasible to express… Read More
In mathematics, a hyperbola is a significant conic section that is formed when a plane surface intersects a double cone, but certainly not at the… Read More
In mathematics, an expression with a root is referred to as a radical. A radical can be used to describe various types of roots of… Read More
2cosasinb is one of the important trigonometric formulas which is equal to sin (a + b) – sin (a-b). In mathematics, trigonometry is an important… Read More
The concept of Lateral Area comes under the topic Mensuration which is a branch in mathematics that deals with measurements such as length, perimeter, area,… Read More
In mathematics, a prism is an essential member of the polyhedron family and is defined as a three-dimensional shape having two identical polygons facing each… Read More

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