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A square is a quadrilateral with four equal sides. There are numerous items around us that are square in shape. Each square shape is distinguished… Read More
Such a polygon that has two parallel bases is called a prism. So, a rectangular prism is one whose two parallel bases are rectangular. Apart from… Read More
A geometric object with a smooth transition from a flat base to the apex or vertex is called a cone. It consists of segments, split lines, or… Read More
Cube is a 3-dimensional box-like figure represented in the 3-dimensional plane. Cube has 6 square-shaped equal faces. Each face meets another face at 90 degrees… Read More
Tangent is a function in Trigonometry which is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with specific functions of angles. It deals with the relationship… Read More
A factorial, in mathematics, is defined for all positive integers as the product of all the integers preceding it and the integer itself. For example,… Read More
An ellipsoid can be called a 3D equivalent of an ellipse. It can be derived from a sphere by contorting it using directional scaling or, more… Read More
Surface area of a cylinder is defined as the amount of space covered by the flat surface of the cylinder’s bases and the curved surface… Read More
A sphere can be called a three-dimensional equivalent of a circle. It is a collection of points in tri space that are all at the same distance… Read More
Rectangle belongs to the family of parallelograms, and parallelograms come under the types of quadrilaterals. The quality of a rectangle is that it has all… Read More
Temperature can be measured in various scales like Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin scales. We can able to convert the temperature measured on one scale to… Read More
Generally, a rate specifies the ratio that compares the two different quantities of different units. Example:- Kilometer per Hour (kmph), Miles per Hour (mph), etc.… Read More
Probability is one of the basics of mathematics. Poisson Distribution is a discrete probability distribution that expresses the probability of a given number of events… Read More
Recursion can be defined by two properties. A base case and recursion step. The base case is a terminating scenario that doesn’t use recursion to… Read More
In mathematics, a rectangular prism is a three-dimensional geometric figure with four lateral faces and two congruent and parallel bases. Such a polygon that has two… Read More

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