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A sector is a section of a circle bounded by its two radii and the arc that connects them. A semi-circle, which represents half of… Read More
Sampling error technique is employed to compute the total selection bias in statistical analysis, as the name implies. To refresh your memory, sampling error is a… Read More
Trigonometry is a field of mathematics that explores the connections between right triangle side lengths and angles. It’s the study of how a right-angled triangle’s sides… Read More
A prism is a three-dimensional solid figure with two identical ends. It is made up of flat sides, similar bases, and equal cross-sections. Its faces are parallelograms… Read More
A sequence is an arrangement of any things or a group of numbers in a certain order that follows a rule. Basically, it is a… Read More
Revenue is the total revenue gained via the sale of goods and services by the enterprise. Thus, revenue is the most significant aspect to define… Read More
A scalene triangle is one in which each of the three sides has a distinct length and each of the three angles has a different… Read More
Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that uses trigonometric ratios to determine the angles and incomplete sides of a triangle. The trigonometric ratios such as… Read More
A pyramid is a three-dimensional polyhedron with a polygonal base and three or more triangle-shaped faces that meet above the base. The faces are the… Read More
In mathematics, the summation is the basic addition of a sequence of any kind of numbers, called addends or summands; the result is their sum… Read More
Standard error pertains to the standard deviation of a data set, which is an essential statistical metric. This formula may be used to determine the accuracy… Read More
A Triangle is a simple closed geometrical figure bounded by three line segments. It has a three-sided polygon, 3 vertices, and 3 angles. There are… Read More
Radius formula is half the diameter of a circle. The distance between the center and the circumference of a circle is called the radius of… Read More
Hexagons are polygons that have six sides. Regular hexagons, irregular hexagons, and concave hexagons are the three different varieties of hexagons. The hexagon is called… Read More
In a Bernoulli trial, the likelihood of the number of successive failures before success is obtained is represented by a geometric distribution, which is a… Read More

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