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Divisibility Rules or Divisibility Tests were developed in order to make the division process simple and quicker, such that if we have to check whether… Read More
Compound interest is the interest that is calculated against a loan or deposit amount in which interest is calculated for the principal as well as… Read More
Square and Square roots are highly used mathematical concepts which are used for various purposes. The square of a number is found by multiplying the… Read More
Like and Unlike Terms are the types of terms in algebra, and we can differentiate between like and unlike terms by simply checking the variables… Read More
A pie chart or circle graph, in Data handling, is one type of pictorial representation of a given set of data, which is used to… Read More
Negative exponents are the exponents with negative values. In other words, negative exponents are the reciprocal of the exponent with similar positive values, i.e. a-n… Read More
Factorization is the process in which we can find factors of either a given number or the algebraic expression using various techniques such as prime… Read More
Cube and Cube Roots are fundamental concepts in algebra and it is introduced in the early classes. The multiplication of a number to itself gave… Read More
Rational Numbers are the most fundamental subset of the collection of all numbers. A rational number represents the fraction of two integers where the denominator… Read More
Linear equation in one variable is the equation that is used in algebra for finding unknown quantities. It is used for representing the conditions that… Read More
Quadrilaterals can be defined as types of polygons that have four sides, four vertices, and four angles, along with a pair of diagonals. The Sum… Read More
Area of a quadrilateral is the space inside the boundary of a quadrilateral or in other words, the space enclosed by the edges of a… Read More
Mensuration is the branch of geometry that deals with the measurement of area, length, or volume in 2D and 3D shapes. The 2D shapes can… Read More
Number System is a method of representing Numbers on the Number Line with the help of a set of Symbols and rules. These symbols range… Read More